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Welcome to SIME Irrigation (Australia) - Distributor for Australia only.

Since 1960, Sime Irrigation (Australia) has been committed to a tradition of providing high quality irrigation equipment at reasonable prices. We stand ready to meet the challenge of providing the best service available to meet your irrigation needs.

Sime sprinklers are the highest quality Italian sprinklers and have a proven track record of working under the toughest Australian conditions and customised models have been developed for Australian specific uses.


Sime Sprinklers can be used for a range of uses including:
  • large area agricultural irrigation;
  • large area commercial irrigation;
  • dust supression;
  • waste water;
  • evaporation;
  • automated washdown systems;
  • fire prevention and containment;


Product Range.......
The following table lists the range of sprinklers that are stocked in Australia. Click on the title for technical information and details of customised models.
Model Inlet (bsp) Pressure (psi) Jet Length (m) Litres/min Common Use
Climber 2 1/2" 44-115 44-67 800-2162 Variable Angle
18-46 degrees
Dust Suppression
Mariner 2 1/2" 44-115 44-67 800-2162 Agriculture
Dust Suppression
Skipper 1 1/2" 29-70 22-41 159-617 Agriculture
Dust Suppression
River 1 1/2" 29-85 18.5-37 88-496 Agriculture
Waste Water
Ambo 1 1/2" 22-70 16-29 76-406 Agriculture
Dust Suppression
K1 Teso 8 1 1/4" 22-56 10-19 49-124 Agriculture

Sime Irrigation (Australia) can also supply the international range of Sime sprinklers or their parts on special request. The following are some of the international range that are supported by Sime Irrigation (Australia): Variant; Polaris; Big River; Kronos;  Ranger 43; Senior;